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How it works.
We start by understanding what it is you're looking to build. From there we will move through design and into active development.
During development we will iterate rapidly and be in contact frequently. We operate with agility to ensure as new information is presented, we can adjust accordingly.
Development continues until you are satisfied with the end result and no major functionality or changes are needed.
From there you can choose one of three options moving forward...
Option 1...You can take the code (it's yours obviously) and our engagement is done. We will miss you, but appreciate your confidence in building a killer piece of software.
Option 2...You can engage with us in a support role to help manage bugs, data issues, server issues, and all the other fun stuff that pops up with software. This is typically called Dev Ops.
Option 3...You can choose to have us continue to make modifications, improvements, and add new features. This choice will also include the Dev Ops portion.
This way you get exactly what you need and most of the time can fit into almost any budget. Sound good?
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To understand how we are different, we have to understand what traditional development looks like.
Wasted time and money
Gathering requirements, estimating, preparing a quote, negotiating, creating specifications, back and forth, over and over and over. This can take months! And only then can you start developing.
Change creates conflict
Days, weeks, or months into development, when things change (and they will), you’ll spend time and money figuring out how much extra something will cost. This not only goes for changes, but for miscommunications on features you thought you agreed to, but are later told are out of scope.
We've been building software for decades and this way is terribly inefficient. You'll likely end up spending double the cost and it'll take double the time. Oftentimes you are delivered a semi-complete product.

So, how do we differ?
Start Fast
Understand that you rarely know the entire scope of the project upfront. Flat-fee pricing allows us to start day 1.
Deliver Often
Quick deliverables allow everyone to learn throughout the process.
Embrace Change
Use new learnings to make sure what is built is what your users actually want.
Consistent and honest communication ensures you always know the status of your project.
Reduce Cost
The Fluid Method allows us to build the right product, faster, and for significantly less cost.
If you choose, we will be there to help monitor, maintain, and continue to develop your product. The choice is yours.
What does all this mean to you?

Faster time to market, less cost, better outcomes. Plain and simple.
Plans & Pricing
This is the first phase and only required phase of our subscription. We break Development into three segments; requirements, design, and the actual building of the software aka development. Once the product is in market you may choose to move into Dev Ops, Enhancements, or cancel/pause your subscription.
Included in Development:
  • Dedicated development resources - only accept two development projects at any one time
  • Quick start. Understand that you rarely know the entire scope of the project upfront.
  • Quick deliverables allow everyone to learn throughout the process.
  • Use new learnings to make sure what is built is what your users actually want.
  • Project complete when you say.
  • Consistent and honest communication ensures you always know the status of your project.
  • Ability to modify requirements as new information is gathered
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Dev Ops
This is optional if you would like us to manage your technology.
Included in Dev Ops:
  • Check server logs
  • Identify and fix bugs
  • Clean up data errors
  • Ensure a smooth user experience
This is optional if you would like us to manage your technology and build out enhancements.
Included in Enhancements:
  • Everything included in Dev Ops plus...
  • Continue to build out new features and functions, one feature at a time
The most efficient and cost-effective way to build your software. Fast time-to-market. High quality code. Scalable infrastructure. No hidden fees ever.
Senior Developers
Your developers, designers, and managers are all founding team members. You get senior-level engineers working on your project
Speed to Market
Because of our experience your time to market, and thus expenses, are kept to a minimum.
Budget Confidently
Easily budget with our fixed monthly fee. No hidden fees or charges or unexpected billing. We build until you are satisfied.
Pause Any Time
Only pay when you use us. Pause your subscription at any time. Press play when you need us.
Cost Effective
Highly cost-effective compared to an internal development team.
Scalable Tech
Technology built with scalable technology that can be accessed on almost any device in almost any form.

How much will it cost to develop my software/app?


Many simple apps can be completed in a few months, sometimes less. As things get more complex and you have multiple data sources or systems talking to other systems it becomes more complex and takes more time. We've done apps in a couple months and some have taken six months.

$7.5k per week seems expensive.


Well, that's not a question, but we hear ya. $7.5k/week does sound expensive, but the reality is most software you use whether desktop, web, or mobile can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build.

The price to hire a senior level developers can cost you $180k to $350k per  per year and that's just for one person! In the end we tend to be about 50% of what an in-house team would cost.

Won't you just drag out the development if we pay weekly?


Heck no! Our goal is to break even on the development portion. Our business model is based on you loving working with us so much that you continue the engagement using our Enhancements or Dev Ops packages.

So that means we want to get your software into the wild ASAP!

What if I have a fixed budget?


We will work with you to figure out what needs to be in the first version and try to ensure we will work into that budget. That said, software development is an imperfect science and changes and complexities can creep into development.

When we see this happening and it might alter the timing and thus the budget, we will speak up ASAP.

Why wouldn't I just hire an internal team?


Well you can and as of yet we have never physically stopped anyone from doing that 😝

But really the answer is that we are way more cost-effective. To get product management, design, development resources would cost upwards of two to five times our cost. Plus when you are done, do you have enough work to keep them busy?

Our business is designed to give you a scalable team to work on your product when you need and amortize that cost over the year and save you a ton of money.

Who is actually doing the development?


We do not outsource anything we do. Additionally, we don't have junior developers working on your product. Instead it is us, the founders of Fluid, who do everything. Our founding team has been building software and apps for the last two decades and know how to produce.

What's the difference between Development and Enhancements?


The difference is that with the Development phase we work solely on your project accomplishing multiple tasks at once. When you move into enhancements, we focus on on piece of functionality at a time which is directed by you. When we finish that piece, we can then move on to your next request.

What is Dev Ops?


Software is finicky. Always has been and while it is getting better, it still breaks. Why does it break? Well, data can break software, hosting services can go down and need to be rebooted, even development frameworks get updated and can cause issues. So with our Dev Ops service you get a team to make sure your software is cranking at the highest velocity.

What kind of software do you build?


Really anything. From web apps to mobile apps and everything in between. It can be software used internally at your company or customer facing software. We can build B2B software or B2C or really anything you can imagine.

Who is your ideal customer?


While we rarely turn anyone away, but we do have a sweet spot.

We have found the most success with startups or with larger companies that are either looking for a customer facing product or are looking to build internal software.

For types of software we love both consumer-facing and business-facing software and apps. Where projects ts tend to take more time are regulated indistries especially where SOC-2 and other certifications are required.

What tech stack do you use?


We use Flutter and can use a multitude of backends. We use Flutter because with one code base we can produce web, web on mobile, and native mobile apps. This keeps your cost low and gives us flexibility in the future.

What do you mean by pausing our subscription?


It's just that. You can pause at any time and pick it back up when you want. You don't pay anything during that time unless there is a service that we are charged for that ends up being billed through us.

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